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Our Program Five-Year curriculum

Five-Year curriculum

The program is five years in length for a number of reasons—including the fact that it takes about five years for a student to develop the basic palpatory skills and tactile sensitivities needed to be an osteopathic manual practitioner. Of course, graduates will continue to learn and perfect their skills after leaving college. The CCO's program is developed as follows:
First Year:
7 modules of 5 days each on various subject material, including the pelvis, the legs, and the cranium. 
Second year:
6 modules, including curricula on the spine and all of its ligaments and muscles. 
Third Year
6 modules, including studies on the upper cervical spine, upper extremities, lymphatics, temporomandibular joint, and paediatrics. 
Fourth year
6 modules covering all of the viscera of the body and the digestive system's physiology and pathology.
Fifth year
6 modules covering all of the specialties of the body, including the heart, kidneys, and autonomic nervous system, as well as research. 
Thesis writers: Students enter this stage after their fifth-year requirements are complete. During this two-year process, the student completes and presents an original research paper for the final graduation ceremony.
The British College of Osteopathic Medicine backed by the University of Plymouth, validates our program for quality assurance. CCO graduates are exclusively eligible to apply to the BCOM for further studies.