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The preadmissions program is required only by certain applicants. Those with a degree and a license to work on patients in Ontario do not need this program. For those that do need it, the program is outlined as follows:
Preadmission Program prior to admission: Registered Massage Therapists without a degree must complete the online preadmission program, as well as the palpation course, in the summer prior to starting the regular program.
Preadmission and Additional Course work. Kinesiologists must complete our online course and the palpation workshop in the summer prior to being accepted into the regular program. In addition, they must complete additional clinic hours and take the assessment course offered in the basic science program at the CCO.
Any other applicants who do not have one of the requirements will be given individual letters with a list of requirements for acceptance to our program. This list may include extra clinic hours, online courses, and palpation workshops in anatomy and biomechanics. 
Call the college to see if your background will be sufficient to meet one of these requirements.